Available Software on MercuryΒΆ

Booth IT maintains a curated set of software programs commonly in use by Booth researchers. To facilitate setting up the computing environments, we use software modules. Below are some examples of software modules that are currently available on Mercury:

  • Python

  • R

  • Matlab

  • Mathematica

  • Stata

Once logged in to Mercury, modules can be used in the following manner.

  • View the list of currently loaded modules: module list

  • View a list of the available software modules: module avail

  • Load a specific module: module load <module_name>

  • Unload a specific module: module unload <module_name>

  • Unload all loaded modules: module purge


To access modules commands, you must be logged in to a compute node

Loading and unloading modules is typically done for every session. In addition, you may load modules inside a submission script. More detailed information for the module command can be found by typing man module.

# make sure you are on a compute node
$ srun --account=<accountname> --pty bash --login

# list currently loaded modules
$ module list
No Modulefiles Currently Loaded.

# check which version of R would be used
$ which R

# find out what modules are available
$ module avail

------------------------- /apps/modulefiles ------------------------

# now, load a specific version of R (R-3.6.2)
$ module load  R/3.6/3.6.2

# verify that the module has been loaded
$ module list
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
  1) R/3.6/3.6.2

# check the version of R
$ which R

# unload all of the currently loaded modules
$ module purge

# check that the version of R has reverted
$ which R