Stata is a powerful general purpose package for data analysis and data management. Stata covers a wide range of statistical techniques. The package analyzes data quickly by reading all data into memory which may be managed dynamically during a session.

Interactive Mode

  1. SSH onto the mercury login node with (optional) X11 forwarding ssh -X <BoothID>

  2. Request an interactive session on a compute node srun --pty bash --login

  3. Load the module with the desired version of Stata module load stata/16.1

  4. Start Stata by typing one of the following:

    • stata-se for STATA Special Edition.

    • stata-mp for STATA Parallel Edition.

    • xstata-se for STATA Special Edition with X-Windows

    • xstata-mp for STATA Multiprocessing with X-Windows

Batch Mode

To run Stata in batch mode, generate a submission script similar to the one below, and run by typing sbatch

#SBATCH --account=phd
#SBATCH --mem=1G
#SBATCH --time=0-01:00:00
#SBATCH --job-name=example_job

# Load the necessary software modules
module load stata/16.1

# create a new scratch directory for this job
mkdir -p $scratch_dir

# use scratch dir to store tmp files
export STATATMP=$scratch_dir

# run script
srun stata-se -b do $dofile

# remove scratch directory when done
rm -r $scratch_dir